AT-54 Talon
Antrix AT-54 "Talon" Blaster Pistol
Production Information

Antrix Corporation


AT-54 Blaster Pistol


Blaster Weapon


600 credits

Physical and Technical Specifications


Usage and History
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic

The Antrix AT-54 "Talon" Blaster pistol was an energy weapon manufactured by the Antrix Corporation. Popular among the younger populace of the Commonwealth, the "Talon" Blaster has seen good sales since it's introduction. Initially designed around the AT-44 Lawgiver platform, the Talon lacks the security features of it's predecessor. While it has a shorter range than it's cousins, the Talon is lightweight and has a slight increase in it's firepower compared to it's contemporary competition.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Model: Antrix Corp. AT-54 “Talon” Blaster Pistol
Type: Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Blaster Pistol
Range: 3-10/40/80
Ammo: 100
Cost: 600 credits
Availability: 2, F
Difficulty: N/A
Damage: 4D+1

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