RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Difficult, modified by proximity.
Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult, modified by proximity.
Alter Difficulty: Dependent upon the number of individuals being affected by the power.

Number of Individuals Difficulty
1-2 Easy
3-6 Moderate
7-12 Difficult
13-25 Very Difficult
26-50 Heroic

Required Powers: Control Pain, Hibernation Trance, Remain Conscious, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Telekinesis, Projective Telepathy, Control Another’s Pain, Return Another To Consciousness, Transfer Force, Affect Mind, Control Mind.
This power may be kept "up."
Warning: A character who uses this power immediately gets a Dark Side Point.
Effect: The use of this power allows a Sith to raise and take control of the dead. When used successfully, a Sith can control the actions of the animated dead, making them serve his will like automatons. The power may be kept up to allow the user to maintain control of his targets - the Sith must make a new roll if a new target is added.

The animated dead reduce their Dexterity attribute by 2D to a maximum of 3D. Knowledge is reduced to 1D, regardless of species. Mechanical and Technical are reduced to 0D. Perception and Strength attributes are the only ones to remain the same. All skills under those attributes are wiped out, however. Only Search remains the same. If the original Search skill was not improved, the animated dead gains 1D above the attribute. Brawling and Climbing/Jumping are changed to 3D, regardless of original skill level and converted, base attribute. The animated dead retain any natural body weapons upon conversion. Any natural armor, such as shells, are retained also. The natural move of animated dead is half of the species normal, base move.

Animated Dead resist damage at a Strength die code of 2D, regardless of their base Strength attribute. Any damage under 15 points to any location other then the head are treated as no more than a stun to the animated dead. 15 points and above mean there is a dismemberment result, especially to limbs. Severing a leg halves the animated dead’s move. Severing an arm has no effect. Severing the torso drops the move to ¼ of the animated dead’s move. A headshot/neck-shot, resulting in anything more than a stun is treated as a fatal shot.

Animated dead always have an initiative role of 4. If the opposition to the animated dead rolls a “1” on the wild dice during initiative, the roll is automatically counted as a mishap and the animated dead gets first actions. Animated dead packs of more than 4 automatically get combined action bonuses. Normal rules apply to amount of bonus.

As long as the "dead" is physically capable of carrying out its command it will do so. If the power is dropped the dead return to their unanimated state, but if the Sith is killed while the power is up, the animated will continue until they fulfill their last command.
Note: This power is a Sith discipline.

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