Height of average adult

.4 to .7 meters

A short, scaly, reptilian species, known for their quick reflexes, Aleena hail from the small, tropical world of Aleen. Falling along the path of one of the galaxies larger trade routes, the primitive Aleena were discovered by a starship crew who set down on their planet for repairs. Since that initial meeting, the Aleena have embraced their place in the greater galactic community, importing technology and traveling the space lanes in search of adventure and new contests of sport and challenge, a species passion. Typically, Aleena travel in groups, often family clans, an evolutionary response to predation of their kind by large carnivorous beasts on their world. This is also the factor influencing the development of their renown reflexes.


Aleena are a friendly people, casting their loyalty to those they value like family. The word of an Aleena is considered by many to be unquestionable. Their love of contests of skill makes them a competitive race, though usually this competition is warm-hearted. Physical Description: Rarely over a meter tall, Aleena have scaly, gray-blue hides, stubby limbs and distinctive, elongated skulls. Males are slightly larger than females on average.

Example Names: Ratts Tyerell, Tsui Choi, Tzalli Cos.


The Aleena love of sports and particularly, adventure and thrill sports, has drawn many into the galactic community. Most who enter professional classes would be experts or diplomats, while hero Aleena tend to be gregarious Fringers, Scouts, Scoundrels or Nobles. They travel to feed their love of adventure and new experiences. Aleena are social and tend to thrive best in with close-knit teams if not with their own kind. They develop strong loyalties to friends and will protect those they care about fiercely. Jedi Aleena are known.

RPG D6 Stats

Home Planet or System: Aleen
Attribute Dice: 12D+2
MEC 1D+2/3D+2
PER 3D/4D+2
Special Abilities:
Exceptional Reflexes and Initiative: All reaction skills receive a +1D to actual skill dice. Further, receives a +1D to all initiative rolls Aleena Pack Attack: A group of Aleena can coordinate an attack on the same target in order to overwhelm the generally larger foe. Upon all Aleena beating the target’s initiative roll, and with a successful command skill roll by the leader, the Aleena with the highest attack skill dice will receive a +2 to strike for every 1 Aleena ally in the coordinated attack.
Intuitive Skills: All Aleena are naturally adept at sneaking around in order to avoid detection from larger predators on their homeworld. They receive the following perception skills at character creation: Sneak, Search, and Hide.
Move: 4
Size: 0.4-0.7 meters