RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Very Easy for perceptions; Easy for memories; Moderate for conclusions. Modified by proximity.
Sense Difficulty: Target’s control or Perception roll.
Alter Difficulty: Very Easy for slight, momentary misperceptions, minor changes to distant memories, or if the character doesn’t care one way or another. Easy for brief visible phenomena, memories less than a year old, or minor emotions regarding a coming conclusion. Moderate for short hallucinations, memories less than a day old, or if the target has strict orders about the conclusion. Difficult slight disguise to facial features, hallucinations which can be sensed with two senses (sight and sound, for example), memories less than a minute old, or if the matter involving the conclusion is very important to the target. Very Difficult for hallucinations that can be sensed with all five senses, a major memory change, or if the logic is absolutely clear and coming to the wrong conclusion is virtually impossible.
Effect: This power is used to alter a character’s perception so that he senses an illusion or fails to see what the Jedi doesn’t want him to see. This power is used to permanently alter a character’s memories so that he remembers things incorrectly or fails to remember something. This power can also be used to alter a character’s conclusions so that he comes to an incorrect conclusion. Before making skill rolls, the character must describe exactly what he wants the effect to be. The power is normally on one target; two or more targets can only be affected if the power is used two or more times. A character believes he is affected by any successful illusions – a character who thinks he is struck by an illusionary object would feel the blow. If he thinks he was injured, pain would be felt, or if he thought he was killed, he would become unconscious. The character does not suffer any true injury. This power can’t be used to affect droids and does not work through recording devices.

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