RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Moderate.
Required Powers: Control Pain.
This power may be kept "up."
Effect: When this power is activated, the Jedi character induces increased adrenaline flow throughout her body. A failed attempt at activating this power induces a -1D penalty to the character's Strength for 5 rounds, during which the power may not be attempted again. When this power is activated, the Jedi's Strength is increased by 2D, movement is increased by 2, and gains one additional action per round without the multiple action penalty. For every round this is kept up beyond the first, the Jedi must rest for one hour without being disturbed, up to 4 rounds. After 5 rounds of using this power, the character must make a Difficult Strength check (without the +2D bonus from this power) or immediately fall to the ground unconscious and fatigued. Additionally, that round and every round thereafter results in 3 hours of undisturbed rest required for the Jedi. After 8 rounds of use without resting the full required amount, the Jedi falls unconscious.

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