RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Very Easy for sunburn and other minor energy sources; Easy for intense sun; Moderate for solar wind and other modest energy sources; Difficult for a radiation storms and other intense energy sources. Characters may use this power for energy attacks such as blaster bolts and Force lightning - the difficulty is Moderate plus the damage roll of the attack.
This power may be kept "up" as long as the source of the energy is constant.
Effect: This power allows Jedi to absorb or dissipate energy, including light, heat, radiation, and blaster bolts. If the user fails the roll, he takes full damage from the energy. This power may be used to ward off sunburn, heat-stroke, and radiation exposure, as well as withstand intense heat. This power may also be used to absorb blaster bolts, as Darth Vader did on Cloud City. The character must activate the power in the same round to absorb the blaster bolt or Force lightning - the character must be able to roll the power before the attack lands. He can’t use this power after the attack has hit.

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